The Carmignac Foundation

Created in 2000, the mission of the Carmignac Foundation is to: Share the modern and contemporary art collection built up by Edouard Carmignac over 27 years. With its employees as well as the public, through the future exhibition center in Porquerolles. Extend its reach through cultural and charitable sponsorship. Through the creation of the Photojournalism Award in particular.

A living collection

  • From pop art to contemporary art

    Initially based on Edouard Carmignac’s passion for pop Art and the German school, the collection has gradually been extended to contemporary art. It now comprises almost 250 pieces and includes important works by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Roy Lichtenstein, Gerhard Richter, Andreas Gursky, Keith Haring and Martial Raysse, as well as a number of talented young artists.

  • Talent spotting: an art in itself

    Set up in 2000, the foundation buys some 20 new works each year. The acquisition policy is based on four key principles:

    Buy what we love

    Complete freedom in buying works. Our only guide: passion and wonder.

    No taboos

    Neither in form nor subject, as long as the work offers a new and original look at the world.

    Without borders

    Including artists of 22 different nationalities, the collection is particularly interested in young talents from emerging countries such as Ayman Baalbaki of Lebanon and the Argentinian photographer Nicola Constantino, who represented Latin America at the 2013 Venice Biennale.

    No reselling

    The pleasure of discovering, supporting and watching the development of artists.

    • Charles Carmignac, Head of Fondation Carmignac
  • Culture. Corporate.

    The collection reflects Carmignac’s corporate culture: Free-thinking, International openness, Sharing points of view.

    Displayed in our offices, the works help bring teams together as each member finds a source of inspiration and a subject of discussion and thought. The pieces displayed are regularly rotated and employees can ask to have a particular work in their office. Arty Wednesdays have been held since 2012. 15 minutes are spent discovering a work.

The future centre on Porquerolles

2018: opening of a 2,800m² exhibition centre, which will be open to the public. Currently being fitted out, this new centre will sit within a 15-hectare sculpture garden on a special, unique island.

    • Photo : Thierry Lavernos


    The location chosen to house the foundation is the heart of the island, in a pre-existing building surrounded by a park punctuated by olive trees, eucalyptus plants and vineyards.

    The change of use for this provençal country house calls for a re-design of the rooms to control the light, critical to displaying and preserving the works on display, and to design diverse public areas to control the flow of visitors and accommodate the public in optimal conditions. There will be a harmonious relationship between the traditional architecture of the exterior and the contemporary interior, achieved largely through the layout of the exhibition space, providing ideal spaces for immersing oneself in the works of art.


    A natural pathway from the museum to the gardens will be designed, incorporating the existing flora and features: the dry-stone terraces planted with hundred-year-old olive trees, the pond, the terrace, Parasol and Aleppo pines, eucalyptus, rosemary, heather, etc.

    Artworks positioned along these paths will naturally lead visitors to discover new vistas that reveal a panoply of aesthetic elements, playing on the various environments created by the undulating terrain.

    For more information about the agency in charge of this project, Louis Benech Paysagiste, visit the website

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Photojournalism award

Created in 2009, the photojournalism award aims to showcase a neglected, war-torn region, funding a photojournalist’s visit of several months to the area.

With the profession in the grips of an unprecedented financing crisis, and the risks taken by freelance photographers the subject of much debate, the Carmignac Foundation wished to sponsor the delving work of photojournalists. Such dedication to depicting the truth requires knowledge of the country and on-the-ground experience in order to represent the situation in all its complexity.

The Carmignac Foundation promotes the award via an exhibition in Paris and the publication of a monograph. Four photographs from this work will be integrated into the Carmignac Collection.


Garabuli Detention Centre
© Narciso Contreras for the Fondation Carmignac

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7th Edition: Libya

Laureate: Narciso Contreras