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Independent, focussed, active managers

Our independence gives us the freedom to serve clients better – to seek out bold ideas, and act with the courage of our conviction.

Carmignac is an independent asset management firm established in 1989 on three core principles that still stand true today: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Human-Driven Insight and Active Commitment.

  • Our Fund managers have the freedom and courage to perform independent risk analysis, translate it into strong convictions and implement them.

  • We will always enhance data analysis with human-driven insight to better manage complexity and evaluate hidden risks.

  • We are both active managers and active partners, transparent and accountable for our investment decisions.

One of Europe’s leading asset managers:

£30 billion of assets under management

More than £2 billion equity capital

Funds distributed in 16 countries worldwide (1)

(1) 14 in Europe, Singapore and Taiwan. Source: Carmignac, 31/12/2019 with 1 EUR = 0.86 GBP.

Why like-minded investors choose Carmignac

Our clients often display similar characteristics to us – they are independently minded and happy to go against the grain in pursuit of excellence. They are further reassured by other qualities embedded in our culture:

  • The company is owned by family and staff – and therefore acts in the interests of clients rather than being driven by the agenda of shareholders.

  • An active management philosophy – allows us to use our expertise and gives us the courage to follow through on our convictions.

  • An entrepreneurial approach – lets us challenge the status quo and adapt to new opportunities.

Our commitment to the UK

Our London office has become one of our company’s key hubs:

Through this hub we have built up a strong and in-depth knowledge of UK investors, and tailor our offering towards what matters for our clients:

  • A dedicated UK business development team

  • Understanding the specific needs of UK investors facing uncertainty in a changing retail distribution landscape

  • Listening to our clients and having the agility to build a proposition closer to their needs

  • Being well equipped to adapt and to meet the long-term needs of UK domestic investors.

Clients are free to choose their investment partners, yet should consider who has the freedom to pursue the best ideas, and act in their best interests.

To make our Funds more accessible to UK investors we have decided to launch this OEIC range, including our most relevant strategies for UK investors and one new strategy, FP Carmignac European Leaders. The latter is specifically designed for UK investors who tend to have separate allocations to UK and European equities.

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