• Celebrating a 5-year track record

    Charles Zerah marks his 5th year at the helm of Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond.

  • Risk can help your investments fly.

    Or it can cut them down.
    To master it you must embrace this duality.

  • Carmignac Patrimoine, more than 25 years of retirement savings

    Discover, rediscover, 25 years of conviction, independence and performance, throughout the history of Carmignac Patrimoine .


  • How to invest?

    There are several solutions available for investing in our Funds, depending on your asset management needs and resources.

  • Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond

    Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond offers investors a solution to capitalize on opportunities in varied market conditions across

    the fixed income and currency universe.


Jean Médecin thumbnail 160715

Jean Médecin, member of the investment committee at Carmignac, was on Bloomberg TV. He gives his outlook on China, the Greek situation and the FED monetary policy.


Carmignac's note

Six years after the global financial crisis broke out, leading to radical monetary solutions, the world is entering a decisive transition period.


Flash Note

European Fixed Income markets

Carmignac Euro-Entrepreneurs is a small & mid cap Fund that follows an active investment approach based on fundamental bottom-up analysis.

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Flash Note

Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond

March 2015: Carmignac Portfolio Capital Plus was positioned in order to take advantage of the reflation trade (thanks to the high liquidity provided by ECB & BoJ) particularly through positions on peripheral bonds, currencies and equities.

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