[Management Team] Carmignac Maxime
We believe we have the following key strengths to succeed in the alternative investment solutions arena: our high-conviction and independent nature, ability to find talents and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Carmignac has always been a maverick and providing solutions with a low market correlations comes naturally.
Maxime Carmignac, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Carmignac UK Ltd.


With a true commitment to alternatives, we’ve created a range of independent UCITS and offshore* investment strategies, supported by our robust global infrastructure.


We have built our alternatives division by attracting promising industry talent, seeking involvement into a long-term entrepreneurial franchise.

Our entrepreneurial mindset enables each investment team to manage their investment process and implement their convictions fully.


We have a cutting-edge platform to stay at the forefront of risk management, trading and operations.

Our operational teams help our investment teams identify risk, navigate volatility and capture market opportunities.


Through diversification, we seek to provide consistent and uncorrelated performance to our investors across different market environments.

*For more information on our offshore strategies, which may not be suitable for all investors, please contact us.


An attractive and uncorrelated source of returns to traditional markets


A dynamic combination of long and short equity positions to maximize alpha generation, while maintaining low market beta.


Capturing the spread from officially announced global Merger & Acquisition deals, providing strong decorrelation from equity and fixed income markets.
Alternative strategies
Carmignac Portfolio Long-Short European Equities
SICAVEuropean marketArticle 8
A high-conviction long/short approach to European equities
Alternative strategies
Carmignac Portfolio Merger Arbitrage Plus
SICAVGlobal marketArticle 8
An active absolute return strategy focusing on merger arbitrage opportunities

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Published June 26, 2023

Carmignac strengthens alternatives franchise with two long-short fund manager appointments

• Alpha: Alpha measures the performance of a portfolio compared to its reference indicator. Negative alpha means the fund performed less well than its reference indicator (e.g. if the indicator increased by 10% in one year and the fund increased by only 6%, its alpha is -4). Positive alpha means the fund performed better than its reference indicator (e.g. if the indicator increased by 6% in one year and the fund increased by 10%, its alpha is 4). • Non-benchmarked: portfolio construction is a result of Fund manager views and market analysis with no bias to any benchmark. • Volatility: range of price variation of a security, fund, market or index, which enables the measurement of risk over a given period. It is determined using the standard deviation obtained by calculating the square root of the variance. The variance is obtained by calculating the average deviation from the mean, which is then squared. The greater the volatility, the greater the risk. • Top-down investing: an investment strategy which finds the best sectors or industries to invest in, based on analysis of the corporate sector as a whole and general economic trends (as opposed to bottom-up investing). • Bottom-up investing: Investment based on analysis of individual companies, whereby that company's history, management, and potential are considered more important than general market or sector trends (as opposed to top-down investing). • Beta: Beta measures the relationship between the fluctuations of the net asset values of the fund and the fluctuations of the levels of its reference indicator.

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