• Fixed Income views: Balancing caution and opportunities

    Chapter 4 – Proof of the Philosophy…is in the Performance

  • la Lettre d'Edouard Carmignac July 2016.

    Edouard Carmignac writes on current economic, political and social issues each quarter.


  • What is risk management?

    Didier Saint-Georges's monthly note on the economy and markets.

  • Management Report – Q2 2016.

    Discover our economic analysis and investment strategy.

  • How to invest?

    There are several solutions available for investing in our Funds, depending on your asset management needs and resources.

Flash Note

The environment seems to be relatively favorable in the short term but, one cannot ignore the political risks that are adding to the volatility that markets are facing.


Flash Note

Fixed Income Views:

Balancing Caution and Opportunities


Flash Note

Central banks activism should in the short term keep supporting equity markets, but there is still ample potential for economic or political situations to go awry.


Funds focus

Travel through the years with Carmignac: from 1989 to 2016, discover how a long-term conviction also became an expertise.

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